Morning Melancholies

bronze grass and brown cows
dripping dew drops
wet wet roads
the grass and the green
the clouds and the greys
a sound in the air
so mild and fair
like a diver into the sea
peace fills me in
through and through
muted from the chaos
from the monotonous spindle
the soul and mind finds abridge
to see and to seek
beyond the farthest distances
that eyes can see
and ears can hear.

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absence of peace.
a feeling so hollow
a hole in my heart

My eyes scream for sleep
flesh yearns rest.
I toss over and over
covering every corner of the bed
praying to the Angels
to make my dreamland true!
one tiny fairy appeared
And I dont remember a word!

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Endless Cloudscapes

The sky is high and far away
floating in an air of Magic,
making you awe in dismay!

Speaking numerous notes
in shapes, sizes even quotes
with hues and strands
woven by clouds.

Some were plain and straight.
few twirling and twisted
bouncy, bubbling and alive
only a few were dancing with jive!

Blue blue and blue is what many did witness
your poor heart pumping on stress!
purple, pink, Burgundy
a fabrication so unique and trendy!

They are varied and new
every single time I view.
The tales they tell are huge!
To everyone who seek the cloud’s refuge.
A sense of humor and wit
which no human can compare with!

The nature is a wonder indeed
providing a shoulder for every soul in need!

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Pictures with my Pen

blooming from within.
playful tools.
for they liberate

Like talking to an old friend
like a walk by the sea shore
washes away from a rusted soul
the dust of everyday’s life!

Good poems are like a mirror
making you see your own reflection.
some are like a breeze,
gentle and caressing
some happy
some sad
some leave you breathless
some seem like you were the Muse!
some are fantasies, you feel amused!
some are deep thoughts etched on rocks
some display guilt and grief
some long. some brief.
some just rhyme
while some ring a bell, making you chimed!

Writing, unlike pushing and striving
is effortless and spontaneous!
all you can do is wait.

Let your words be immortal and last forever!
last through the flying sands and corroding art!
but the mark you make in reader’s hearts
making them naked. defenseless.
lost in your pictures
and projections.
of your world
and theirs.

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dry patches

staring at your name
clicking on and off..

It has been long
quite long since we spoke last

part of me says, if you want her then talk!
other half says you wont respond…

I wondered and said ‘hey’..anyway
at least I know that I tried!

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fleeting numbers

water evaporated,
so did money!
time flew
the moon grew
but I stood there
fitting into the container
with my own flow!

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from the other side of my sunglasses

light and grey blinds the vision.
a humming sound, constant.
buzzes, honks, intermittent.
wedding halls, motels, thatched roofs
fruit stalls, street vendors
cows, dogs, crows
trees, wind, empty spaces,
all of it appears
coated with beams of sweet sweet love
from the mighty mighty Sun!!
amidst the chaos
I stand withdrawn
into the world
within my sunglasses.

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